Proof Of Stake Wallet Help

The below information is provided to help beginners become more familiar with the wallet interface and basic usage.

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As its name suggests, the Overview tab gives you a quick visual reference to:

  1. your current balance
  2. your currently staking status
  3. any unconfirmed incoming deposits
  4. a list of your most current transactions.

Send coins:

The Send coin tab is used to send coins to another address.

  1. enter payees Noble coin address in the "Pay To" field
  2. if you would like to save this payee in your address book, enter a name for the payee in the "Label" field
  3. enter amount of coins to send in the "Amount" field
  4. press "Send" button
  5. if prompted to, enter password
  6. accept transaction fee

Receive coins:

The Receive tab shows the addresses of the wallet. These are the addresses you use to receive deposits from other parties.

  1. right click in the address field of the address you want to receive to
  2. copy address
  3. paste in a message or whatever method you are using to provide your address to another party


Staking is a way to earn additional coins without mining. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coins and keep wallet "open for staking". Your earnings are based upon the number of coins, or “stake,” you hold. The more you invest, the more you are likely to earn.

There are a few steps to complete before staking can take place:

  1. Encrypt wallet(settings>encrypt wallet). Not only a good idea , but also staking will not occur on an unencrypted wallet.
  2. Deposit coins in wallet
  3. Wait until coins mature(all coins must sit in wallet for a specific amount of time before "maturing")
  4. Unlock wallet(settings>unlock wallet) Wallet will automatically chose an amount of your total coins to stake at one time.
  5. The longer you have your wallet open, the greater a chance for a "minting" to occur.


A complete list of all transactions completed in wallet.

Address Book:

A listing of all addresses that you have saved to wallet.

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