CryptoProspectors 2020 Millionaire Get Away Celebration

With the return averages we are seeing, it is becoming more and more obvious that a celebratory event needs to be planned for 2020.

A convention center or hotel conference room for the CryptoProspectors family? No, not quite.

We are thinking of a block of individual villas over the water someplace warm and private.


Imagine exchanging stories with like minded individuals that took the same leap of faith you did and came out so far ahead of where they would have been if they waited until the masses joined the movement.


Remember, the masses will be the ones we will be selling to at 10, 100 and quite possibly 1000x profits.

There are projects that we are investing in currently in the $.01 USD range that we expect to be worth $1-$10 USD, if not more, in the next 36 months. 


Multiply $1000 by 1000 and you will start to understand the potential we are talking about.


See you literally in 2020,


              The CryptoProspectors Team.

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CryptoProspectors provides the training needed to allow our clients to successfully enter the lucrative digital currency trading markets.
We help you setup accounts properly and guide you through the process of buying your first Bitcoin.
Familiarization with various online trading exchanges and methods for trading in and out of Bitcoin are included.
Training includes webinars, video tutorials and prepared documents.
Still have questions? No problem. We can help you via a remote computer session.


Buy low sell high. Seems simple enough right?
Trading digital currencies can be daunting and unforgiving without the proper guidance. CryptoProspectors provides its clients with the latest information on each coin including development updates.
CryptoProspectors goes so far as to show you our current holding and sends you alerts notifying you of any suggested trades.


Having issues with placing a trade or troubleshooting a wallet? No problem.

Life throws you a curve ball and you need to liquidate your positions? No Problem.

CryptoProspectors is always standing by to help our clients through any snags they may run into along the way via email, video conferencing and phone support.

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