Entering the crypto / digital currency space can be challenging with the technology learning curve and the plethora of misconceptions and media misinformation. Add to that you are investing hard earned dollars and the risk becomes overwhelming keeping many out of this highly lucrative venture.

CryptoProspectors solves all these issues with three primary services.



What better way to improve someones life than to show them how and guide them to financial greatness.

CryptoProspectors provides the training needed to allow our clients to successfully enter the lucrative digital currency trading markets.

Training includes webinars, video tutorials and prepared documents.


Trading Guidance

Trading digital currencies can seem daunting and unforgiving without the proper guidance.

CryptoProspectors provides its clients with the latest information on each coin including development updates.

CryptoProspectors goes so far as to show you our current holding and sends you alerts notifying you of any suggested trades.

example: If we tell you we hold 5 million + DigiBytes, we will provide a link so you can check our balance. Click here to see the example



Having issues with placing a trade or troubleshooting a wallet?

No problem, CryptoProspectors is always standing by to help our clients through any snags they may run into along the way via email, video conferencing and phone support.

CryptoProspectors keeps its fingers on the crypto pulse by monitoring multiple channels including; coin web pages, crypto forums, IRC channels & news outlets on a daily basis to ensure no major changes or announcements are missed.

You will be advised of any wallet code updates. Download links and instructions will be provided.

Should any major events like a coin swap or a fork occur you will immediately be contacted via email and guided through the process.


What Are You Waiting For? Start Realizing the Possibilities!

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